Food. Drinks. Friends. Great conversations! A dinner party is a straightforward combo of ingredients,  made remarkable by what hosts and guests imbue the evening with. If you want to achieve a more flawless and exciting social gathering, there are a few tips in prepping down below that can seriously take you from 0 to 100. 


Two Weeks Prior.


Make your guest list. You’ve got to be sure you have enough dishes to serve everybody, when you think the invitations are just right, send them out. With that out of the way, it’s time to consider the atmosphere and aesthetic you want for the night. Sort out what you’ll need for decor and get ready for another rundown. 


One Week Before.


Nail down all confirmations from guests who’ll be attending. You’re going to want to make sure you’ve got their dietary restrictions in mind when planning your menu. Know what ingredients are in season and what can, or has to be readied a day or so before the party. 


Think about how you’d like your dishes to be presented, don’t forget any special utensils, tools, plants, and garnishes you need to get that perfect look. Choose candles and all other decors – flowers – you’ll want for the evening. 


Two Days Left. 


Get all the ingredients for the dinner. Buy any beverages you’ll serve, if you’re going for wine, make sure you’ve got a decent corkscrew. Next, top off your ice trays and pick up extra ice from the store in case you’re making cocktails. Don’t forget to make a playlist or more to really tie that special night together. 


The Day Before. 


Prepare as much food as possible, including dessert. Make sure the trash and dishwasher are empty for cleaning up the next day. Get the flowers you picked out if you did – and any other natural touches and put them in vases. 


The Day Of.


Take a page out of a pro chef’s books and prepare a mise en place, set out all the ingredients, sauces, and garnishes you’ll need to complete your dishes around a counter area with a cutting board, great knives, and other tools. Line up small bowls and fill them with everything you’ll need. 


Afterward, prepare any last dishes and set up the table and outstanding decorations. All linens, table settings, glasses, place cards, and candles ought to be spread out now. 


Two Hours Before.


Organize all the food you prepared already on the counter and pull out any pots you’ll need to prepare them. Set up the drink and snack section for guests’ arrival. It should be complete with wine or an aperitif, and something small to nibble on. Pitchers or bottles of water are a must on the table. 


Now all you have to do is get dressed for the night. Light the candles and put on a playlist of choice to set the tone of your party. It’s best to get a glass of wine for yourself so you can relax by the time your guests show up.