How to Host a Virtual Party Event

Christmas and new year events are ever constant in our lives; it is a seasonal obligation for almost everyone. With COVID-19, however, most parties might be virtual as the social distancing trend continues for most. Still, it’s a time to improve morale, make new memories with friends, family, or strangers, and develop closer bonds in general. That said, here are some tips that can make this year’s Christmas party a little better.

1. Be realistic

Normally you would be gossiping with the closest friend next to you, cliquing up and chatting the night away with cocktails. Unfortunately, that spontaneity is lost on Zoom as the main room affords no privacy, and talking all at once is just going to create a big mess. Don’t do that – what you’re looking for is organized fun this year. The virtual experience can offer lots of things to do, cooking, bartending, arts, and crafts, even escape rooms. It may just turn into something you enjoy.

2. Do not wear a mask

When you’re with friends and family, there should be no reason to wear a proverbial mask. Being yourself with close friends can improve your wellbeing – specifically, your mental health. A private view into a friend’s home, their kids, partners, and pets are now the norm for most people. It’s an opportunity to show up without appearances, and Zoom makes it nearly unapproachable in any other way.

3. Make yourself more available

It’s pretty rare to have kept up with all of your family, friends, and colleagues throughout the year. Even more, impossible to keep up with friends that live thousands of miles away. It is a perfect opportunity to host a festive season party. Now you have the time to mix with new people, form new connections, and build lasting relationships. Even if it’s online, you could still find yourself talking to someone you’ve been wanting to for a while – but just could not find the right words or even the time.

4. Teamwork is the name of the game

Even if you come up with crafts to steal everyone away from gossiping, you’re still going to need to keep their attention for much longer. That means thinking ahead with a strategy in mind that people will find engaging, easy, and fun. As we said, 2020 was hard; it’s important to lighten the mood with activities that can be done as a group. It is always a bonus if you can manage to get everything to flow appropriately with an array of engaging games. From Christmas-y taste-testing parties to cocktail workshops, give the party a theme that can make it even more memorable for your guests.

5. It’s something to smile about

Even having a Christmas event to celebrate is a good thing; 2020 has been a very harsh year for most individuals. Many people have lost their jobs, facing financial hardship, or even turning to shelters and charity organizations for help. It’s more than just a party; it is a sign of perseverance in the face of adversity. If you can throw any celebration that will lift morals, you are doing pretty well.