Baby showers nowadays are a lot more ‘lax than they used to be. That means all the mamas-to-be can finally join in on the fun, guests included! 


Everything in your life is going to revolve around your baby pretty soon, so a baby shower can help take the load off by arming you with a lot of the things you’ll need to venture into the world of Parenthood! Anything that helps expecting parents relax is essential to their well-being, as well as the bun in the oven! 


Planning a Baby Shower


For starters timing is everything. The party should be about four to six weeks before your due date, so you’ve got all the time you need to get any necessities for the baby that are still outstanding. Also, there’s less chance you’ll go into labor at the event, everyone wins!

Baby Shower Alternative


Let’s say you’re a little late on schedule, and there’s a chance you might deliver around the time of the baby shower. You could try a ‘Welcome Baby’ party. You wait until the baby is born, then after a bit, introduce your little one to family and friends. You could plan your baby shower party with ideas like baby naming, christening, and even ritual circumcision. But if you just want cake and welcome gifts for your new baby – Then go for it!


Who Should You Invite to Your Baby Shower?


Traditionally, Baby Showers are shared between close families and friends. In modern times, things are a bit different and every family has their reasons. When coming up with a guest list, go for the ones closest to you that truly share your joy! Not people who feel or act like it’s just another task on their to-do list. 


What About Multiple Showers? 


Maybe your sister, brother, co-worker, and mom all want to throw you a baby shower? It’s become commonplace to have multiple celebrations for the baby, so how do you manage them all? Diane Warner’s Complete Book of Baby Showers: Hundreds of Ways to Host a Unique Celebration (Career Press, 1998) recommends that guest lists be separate. “If someone is invited to more than one shower, she is only expected to bring a gift to the first one.”


What About Parties for Baby #2 or #3?


Back in the day, this was an etiquette ‘no-no’. But now? It’s totally okay! A Baby Shower is all about celebrating new life! If you want to celebrate every new life, go for it! If you feel odd about having a huge party after one or two Baby Showers, you could have a small-scale brunch or get-together with your closest family and friends.


Do The Presents Come Before Or After? 


Let’s face it, people LOVE tiny things. Especially tiny clothes and shoes for the new baby. But sometimes gift-opening can get troublesome for the expecting parents and guests might feel their presents are inferior to others. It’s suggested that presents be opened later. A shower should be three hours at most, so there’s no use keeping guests waiting and hyper fixated on outshining each other instead of being happy about the baby.


That said, try to send a thank-you note to all your guests as soon as possible! According to, you have up to the baby’s 2nd month to say thanks without being late. 


How To Get Your Dream Shower Without Stepping On Toes


Say you don’t want a huge party, just a quiet lunch with your best friends, maybe invite over guests for a pizza night. While you should be grateful that someone’s hosting you a baby shower, there are ways to drop hints for the host to pick up on. If the host is a bit sensitive, let your friends and family members drop hints about what you