This year was crazy; 2020 offered us a bumpy ride, hoping that 2021 and 2022 reveal much gentler ride on the greener grass. There is no better way to kick off the start of a new year than with a party. Just make sure you’re celebrating responsibly. New Year’s parties are famous for over indulging, and with the rise of COVID-19, you might want to make that party a household or zoom affair. Either way, we’ve got you covered on some pretty cool decor ideas; while also keeping it – diet sabotage-free.

Exercise reduces stress, improves your mood, and leaves you feeling light and revived. It’s a perfect setup for the rest of the day, and if you keep it up – the rest of the year will be interesting. You will also be stimulating blood flow and circulation throughout your body, keeping your muscles tight and your skin glowing. You’re not only going to look good at the party, but you’ll feel great and be more relaxed when the time comes to have fun.

So, it is the big day, why not shake things up with the ever-faithful new year’s cocktail combination? If you’re hosting, why not get your household to whip up their favorite drinks; or find some easy and fun cocktail recipe online for everyone.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Before you go right ahead and indulge, pick one or two things that you want to binge on; while keeping the rest of the night on the healthier side. It is a little extreme and maybe not what you’re used to, but you get to have a satisfying amount of what you are craving, and your body will thank you later.

New Year’s Resolution Jar
Probably the second-best part of the night, the New Year’s resolutions. Everyone wants to have something in mind to accomplish for the New Year; it’s 365 days to make your dreams come true, so we understand the hype. Why not get your friends in on it by encouraging them to write down their goals? Get out a jar with some decorative cards or paper and have a little planning session to pen out your desires. When done, it is yours to keep and follow along throughout the year.

Don’t Skip Meals
Fill up before you get to the party; it will make sticking to your binge list a lot easy. You won’t be excessively hungry and overdo it on the big night. Just make sure it’s something high in protein and fiber and won’t weigh you down.

Light Glitter Votives
When it’s a new year, there is always more glitter and ambiance to go around. Get your household or online friends working and having fun by DIYing a few glitter votives. You can set the tone for the night with the homey mood lighting these candles give off. When it’s all over, you’ll have a little piece of each other and the New Year to keep with you.

Water is Your Friend
If you want to survive the wicked hangover tomorrow, water is your most loyal companion. Make sure to drink water during and after your meals. It is a great way to determine if you are hungry; or just thirsty while saving yourself from another cocktail.

Dance Battle
Have your guests add one secret song to your playlist and shuffle it; Spotify is great for this. If you’ve got enough people, then it will be one big dance grooving party playlist. It’s even more fun trying to guess who added what, and both you and your friends can explore the different musical tastes a lot more.

Picture Time
Last but not least, no party is complete without a lasting memory. Everyone wants tons of photos every chance they get, so make sure you set up an Instagram-worthy photo booth with a