Crown Verity Quartz Tower Torch Heater rental from Del Rey Party rentals is a stylish patio heater for the most demanding events . Elegant stainless steel body  with its heat coverage and peaceful ambient lighting, you can stay warm and comfortable at your next event.  We are exited to have this Patio Heater and We are ready to deliver this Heater for your next exclusive event.

Its large caster and broad wheelbase  improve its mobility. It can effectively heat an area within 5 feet of its radius. adjustable heat of up to 42,000 BTUs 

For safety purposes, the unit is equipped with an anti-tilt switch that automatically shuts off the burner in case the heater is jostled.  

The Crown Verity Quartz Tower Heater is an elegant looking patio heater with a unique design. Enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides while having aesthetically pleasing furniture.

Our Quartz Tube Tower Heater brings a new look to outdoor heating.  Our to