Cappuccino Satin Lamour Del Rey Party Rentals

Cappucino Satin Lamour



Product Description

The Cappuccino Satin Lamour is a beautiful 100% Polyester satin fabric. It is a medium weight satin, perfect for weddings, black tie events, birthday parties, catering, hotels, banquet halls, ceremonies, corporate events, and other special occasions. We currently have the Satin Lamour in 52 different colors, it is also available in various sizes, 108″ round, 120″ Round, 132″ Round, 110″x150″ King Drape, 120″ table runners, 6ft Drape (90″x132″), 8 ft Drape (90″x156″), and 20″x20″ napkins. You could decorate all the tables at your events with the Satin Lamour!

Special Requirements

Linen Sizes

110″x156″ King Drape, 20″x120″ Table Runner, 6ft Drape (90″x132″), 8ft drape (90″x156″), 20″x20″ Napkins, 108″ Round, 120″ Round, 132″ Round