Rated for Class K fires, K-GUARD Fire Extinguishers are designed specifically to fight some of the toughest fires—hot grease, cooking oil and fat fires in the kitchens and food-prep areas of restaurants, convenience stores, food courts, hospitals, school cafeterias, and other facilities. Typical appliances that benefit from K-GUARD protection include fryers, griddles, ranges, broilers, char-broilers, woks and more.

Model/ SF-6LK5
UL Rating 1-A:K
Capacity 6 liters
Weight (Lbs) 24 1/5
Diameter (In) 7 1/8”
Height (In) 21 1/2”
Width (In) 8 3/4”
Range 8-10 ft
Temp. Range 35o F to 120o F
Discharge Time 55 seconds
PSI 100
U.S.C.G. Approved –