This Insulated Beverage Dispenser, also known as a Cambro, is able to hold up to 5 Gallons.

Easy to dispense liquids, place a cup underneath spigot, press down on the handle until the cup is filled with the desired amount, and release handle to stop the flow of liquid.

Designed with practicality and style in mind this sleek black beverage dispenser is capable of holding your favorite beverages whether it be hot or cold, all the meanwhile providing a durable and everlasting style. This product is very practical for off-site events, sporting events, family reunion, picnic, children’s parties, professional catering services, or even at restaurants. This can be easily transported as the handles on each side facilitate carrying with or without beverage inside.

This insulated beverage server will keep your beverages safely chilled or hot for many hours. This rental product provides not the only facility in serving the beverage but also facilitates the process of refilling. In order to refill this beverage dispenser, you simply unlatch the hooks located at the upper area of the dispenser and lift the tab. Providing full and easy access to the storage area. This permits any liquids to simply be poured into the Beverage Dispenser with ease, preventing burns or spills. Once you have finished simply place the lid back on and secure the hooks. Your beverage dispenser has been refilled and your guests are ready to continue enjoying their favorite beverages!

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