Helium Rental

If you are hosting a party and need a quick way to blow up balloons, we have you covered. With our Helium rental service.  Who has time to blow up dozens of balloons the hard way? We offer a variety of helium tanks sure to meet your needs without breaking your budget. Helium rental  tanks available include small, medium, large, and extra large helium tanks. We also have air electric balloon inflators to make the job easy and fast. Del Rey Party Rentals has an online quote option that will make it convenient for you to do all of your shopping at one time and get one low price for all your party supplies! As Los Angeles Leading Supplier of Helium Thanks (He) Gas, also called Helium Cylinders you will find our selection appropriate for any job.   The helium Regulators or Nozzles are included with each rental unit.  Please call or email for more rental information.

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